DO NOT USE Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail email addresses

Over time, various people have signed up to this forum using Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail email addresses, enabled email notifications for topic replies or PMs, and then deleted their Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail account without updating their forum details with their new email address. This of course resulted in this server continuing to send notification emails to Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail addresses which did not exist any more. Eventually the idiots running Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail email services took it into their thick skulls to consider these undeliverable notifications to be spam, and placed this server on a blocklist.

It is not possible to remove the erroneous blocklist entry for this server. The link provided by Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail support to report such an erroneous entry redirects to a "page not available" message. The "contact support" page doesn't work, and there is no email contact address provided. So there is no way to contact Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail to correct the situation, because they are too incompetent to provide either a working website contact function or an email address.

The result is that this forum can no longer send any emails to any Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail addresses.

If you have such an address, you will not be able to receive the signup confirmation email, and so you will not be able to complete the signup process. Therefore, if you wish to sign up, you will need to provide an email address which is NOT with Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail.

If you are already a user of this forum and have a Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail email address, please contact the forum admin to get it changed; you will not be able to change it yourself as the confirmation email will not be deliverable.

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