CTF Mini-Classifieds

This is where you sell it.

Forum rules
1. All adverts must be here not in the main forums and they should state the item description in the subject line along with the words 'for sale' or 'wanted'.
2. All adverts should state in the opening post the price, description, location and condition etc etc. Pictures can be used.
3. No personal emails or phone numbers to be posted on the forum please.
4. No naked links - and links to other websites are only allowed if supported by an explanation.
5. If you are interested in an item, PM the seller for a safer way to do business.
6. Any off-topic, stupid, abusive or general rubbish posts will be removed with no explanation or warning.
7. Adverts hosted on other websites must contain a link to http://www.chew-the-fat.com please.
8. Any adverts not complying with the above rules will be removed.
9. All advertising, selling, swapping and dealing done in here is solely at the risk of the user, by posting stuff here you accept this condition.
10. These rules are subject to update and amendment as we launch and continue to run this feature.
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