Reg from Vin No?

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Reg from Vin No?

Post by Andy T Archer @ Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:51 pm

I bought a Daytona 650 engine with the intention of bunging it in the D600 I bought my son a few years ago.
Looking at it, the D600 is still a fairly un-trashed thing so I bought a D650 frame and stuff from eBay so I could build something a little different.

It came with a log book (which I have since lost) and I am trying to find out the reg number so I can do all the HPI stuff and see if it was actually fcuked in a previous life.

DVLA say I need to rebuild the bike, get it MOTed and insured and then they may deign to give me an age related plate for it.

Is it possible to find out a reg from a vin? Apparently people who have a trade HPI account can do it.

Is there anyone on here who can help with this?


Sweets, cake and a pic of a turtle catching a frisbee to anyone who can help/ suggest a way to do this.

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